InvestBank Corp. observes a highly focused strategy in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The company has assembled a team of talented professionals from the investment banking community. InvestBank Corp. provides advisory services on a wide variety of transactions. The company guides clients through every phase of the M&A process, from the initial step of identifying a target through the negotiation, due diligence, financing and closing of the transaction.

The company's professional network from leading financial institutions have significant transactional experience in all major industry segments. InvestBank provides M&A advisory and capital raising capabilities to help its clients achieve their strategic objectives. The company is structured to coordinate with industry specialists so it can provide value-added solutions for its clients. InvestBank is a leading provider of M&A advice.

InvestBank provides M&A guidance relating to the identification, structuring, negotiating and financing of potential transactions.  The firm's advisory services provide companies with strategic alternatives that enhance earnings and growth.

InvestBank's merger and acquisition services include:

InvestBank assists companies in identifying and divesting non-core divisions or subsidiaries, allowing companies to refocus on their long-term objectives and strengthen core competencies.

InvestBank creates fairness opinions to determine that the terms in a merger, acquisition, divestiture, securities issuance or other transaction are fair from a financial point of view and in-line with market terms and conditions. A fairness opinion may be rendered on behalf of a company, its shareholders or a limited group of shareholders (i.e. public shareholders or non-controlling shareholders). InvestBank approaches a fairness opinion/valuation from a financial standpoint, taking into consideration other factors including management's objectives, a company's outlook, and industry conditions.

InvestBank assists clients in negotiating, financing and executing leveraged buyouts. The firm provides valuation recommendations, structuring alternatives, financing options, and representation in negotiating terms of the transaction. In select transactions, InvestBank may either co-invest or act as lead investor.

InvestBank assists management teams in negotiating, financing, and executing management buyouts. The firm provides valuation recommendations, deal structure recommendations, financing alternatives, and representation in negotiating the terms of the transaction. In select transactions, InvestBank may co-invest with management.

Invest Bank assists clients in negotiating sales and helps create auction processes to maximize value.